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How not to be dehydrated in a festival

Summer is a great season to attend outdoor music shows. In many cities across Canada, there are artists of all kinds who entertain audiences during events such as the Festival d’été de Québec, the Calgary Folk Fest, the Ottawa Bluesfest or the Vancouver Folk Music Festival. These activities are often crowded with people.

The importance of hydration

In the heat of summer, in an overwhelming heat and with an imposing crowd, it is important to hydrate well so as not to be a victim of discomfort. During a visit to the installations of the Festival d’été de Québec in 2015, the organizers mentioned that heat-related discomforts were becoming more frequent during their festival. You should be drinking a lot once there.

As the security in each festival is increased, it is no longer possible for spectators to bring their water bottle. Now, the organizers of the festivals opt more for the setting up of stations of water where the festival-goers can drink there.

Often, you will have to queue to drink in the drinking troughs; Which can be unpleasant when the temperature is above 30 degrees Celsius. The risk of heat stroke is present if you do not take the time to drink enough water when it is your turn at the drinking trough.

Long live the silicone gourds!

Fortunately, most festivals accept the use of disposable water bottles (not very environmentally friendly) or silicone bottles. The spectators can fill them at the drinking troughs.

Here are some bottles of silicones that we offer on SecurMonkey’s website:

AONIJIE 250 ml Water Bag (Blue)
AONIJIE 250 ml Water Bag (Blue)
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AONIJIE 500 ml Water Bag (Blue)
NATUREHIKE 500ml Silicone Water Bottle (Blue)
NATUREHIKE 500ml Silicone Water Bottle (Blue)
AONIJIE SD16 1.5 L Water Bag (Blue)
AONIJIE SD16 1.5 L Water Bag (Blue)


If you are attending a festival this summer on a hot day, your priority not to die of thirst is to bring you a bottle of water. Do not be negligent as you may suffer from heat stroke.

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