About Us

Who we are?

SecurMonkey is an online store of outdoor accessories and survival operated by three members of our family (Mario, Philippe and Thomas Audet).

We are passionate about cycling, running, outdoors, traveling and physical activity. Remaining in Quebec City in Canada, we practice these outdoor activities as often as possible despite our time schedules and the Canadian climate.

The Nature

Like many, we love nature all year long both during the summer days and during the cold winter days. We are composing with the cold temperatures of Northern Quebec in winter, the high winds of the Canadian prairies or the hot and humid summers of Nova Scotia.

Every year, I and my boys have the impression that nature is becoming more and more hostile to man. There are more and more forest fires, snow storms, floods and tornadoes. In the face of these climatic changes, we believe that everyone must be prepared so as not to be caught off guard.


Our objectives

Our expertise in technology, information security, marketing and business combined with our passion for outdoor activities has prompted us to set up an online store to offer useful and innovative products so as not to be caught off guard during events of all kinds. This kind of shop is unique because it is dedicated solely to the sale of products so as not to be caught off guard.


About the SecurMonkey name

The SecurMonkey name comes from an amalgam of two words: the term Secur comes from our interest to protect, preserve, forget nothing and lose nothing. The term “monkey” comes from the fact that this animal is very clever. As in the phrase “Shameless as a Monkey”, we want to make sure you identify yourself as clever people.

In the end, we offer products in the SecurMonkey online store that allow you to fully enjoy your outdoor activities and prevent problems during events of all kinds (rain, floods, storms, etc.).

SecurMonkey is the property of Securisa Inc., a Canadian company located in Quebec City.