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29-in-1 Outdoor EDC Emergency Paracord Survival Tool Kit (Red)

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This 29-in-1 forest survival kit includes several components such as:

  • a whistle emitting high frequency sounds can help;
  • one cotton;
  • a tool card;
  • a wire saw;
  • aluminum foil;
  • a flashlight;
  • a mountaineering loop and a D loop for use in climbing or emergency rescue;
  • a compass;
  • a fire lighter;
  • a sewing needle;
  • a blade with knives;
  • two fishing hooks (large / small);
  • two weighings;
  • two floats;
  • two bandages;
  • two cushions of alcohol;
  • a fishing line;
  • a Paracord rope (10.5m);
  • and many others.

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Dimensions 12 × 6.5 × 3 cm
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Survival Tool Kits


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