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If you are a person who changes a puncture on his vehicle himself or who helps others when they are caught in the snow, you know that it is important to be well equipped to carry out these operations in an efficient and safe manner.  There is no question of risking your life when an incident occurs.

The SecurMonkey team has developed a new line of survival kits for your sport utility vehicle (SUV) or van. The Filio 3 survival kit range from SecurMonkey is the ideal product to be ready for an emergency situation.

About Filio 3

The Filio 3 pouch is a very complete pouch. Its fabric is nylon that ensures the strength of the pouch. The zippers are of excellent quality.
The survival kit for SUV Filio 3 has several pockets to hold food and beverages history to survive in an emergency situation.

It has a first aid kit containing the following products:

  • A roll bandage;
  • A triangular bandage;
  • A pair of scissors;
  • 2 sterile compresses;
  • Pins;
  • Pliers;
  • 10 dressings;
  • a tape to stick;
  • a tape to stick (wide);
  • 4 antiseptic towels, and;
  • 10 alcohol swabs.

A PowerJuice 6000mAh brand backup battery is included with this kit. This battery is already charged for purchase and has enough power to charge a smartphone or tablet. It has two USB ports and LEDs to indicate the level of charge. One cable to charge the battery and another to connect an iPhone, Android or other device using a micro-USB are included with the battery. The battery and cables are guaranteed for one year.

This survival kit contains an UltraFire Zoom Focus flashlight with an LED bulb producing 1000 Lumens. It is waterproof and requires an AAA battery (not included).

To be visible in the evening if you stop on the side of the road, the kit has a neon green belt that will allow you to be visible.

To quickly get out of your vehicle in an emergency, a tool (orange) can break a window and cut seat belts as needed.

Finally, the kit contains two large survival blankets to keep you warm, a multifunctional compass,  and two green fluorescent sticks (Glow Stick) providing illumination for 12 hours.

This survival kit is very good value if you compare it to other products on the Internet.

The survival kit for SUV Filio 3 by SecurMonkey is a product assembled in Quebec. Each kit is guaranteed for one year.

Additional information

Weight 1.118 kg
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 21 cm
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Survival Kits







Updates (Filio)

Replace five generic brand dressings with Band-Aid brand bandages


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