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Like many car and truck owners, your glove compartment is certainly not tidy. The registration and insurance papers must be pell-mell in this storage space with the owner’s guide and a box of tissue. This is not the ideal to navigate in a critical situation or when a police officer calls you for example.

The SecurMonkey team has developed a range of products to solve this problem, which annoys motorists in Quebec and Canada. The SercurMonkey Tomio 2 Car Survival Kit is the ideal product to be ready for an emergency.

About Tomio 2

The Tomio 2 sleeve is very compact. It fits in most glove boxes or central consoles of cars or trucks. Its fabric is nylon that ensures the strength of the pouch. The zippers are of excellent quality.

The Tomio 2 Car Survival Kit has several pockets to hold a tissue pack, license papers, a survival blanket, a pen and a notepad.

The Tomio 2 is designed to deal with an emergency situation.

It has more products for first aid than the Tomio Survival Kit (basic version):

  • A roll bandage;
  • A triangular bandage;
  • A pair of scissors;
  • 2 sterile compresses;
  • Pins;
  • Pliers;
  • 10 dressings;
  • A tape to stick;
  • A tape to stick (wide);
  • 4 antiseptic towels, and;
  • 10 alcohol swabs.

This Survival Kit also contains an UltraFire flashlight with an LED bulb producing 100 Lumens. It is waterproof and requires an AA battery (not included).

This product has a very good price / quality ratio if you compare it to other products offered on the Internet.

The SecurMonkey Tomio 2 Car Survival Kit is a product assembled in Quebec. Each kit is guaranteed for one year.

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Updates (Tomio)

Replace five generic brand dressings with Band-Aid brand bandages


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